Logo, Graphic Design & Branding

Branding is more than a
cool-looking logo.

Your logo design is important to your business because it is likely to be one of the very first interactions people have with your company. This is an opportunity to show your audience that you deliver a quality service and visually expressess your service and purpose. 

Why do we take logo design so seriously? Because 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo. The very essence of a logo is designed to differentiate you from everyone else and fosters brand loyalty. How, you ask? It has meaning built within it. Why? Because your businesses’ belief system, core values, purpose, mission, and vision are what your brand is built around. The more distinct and memorable your brand is, the more clients and potential clients will understand who you are and what you’re about, creating brand awareness.

Your brand identity

Your company’s identity and branding is also portrayed through your photography and video, your design and styles, and your business messaging and values.

Logo, Graphic design & Branding

Once you have your brand identity and logo designed, let us help you create digital or printed, customized marketing collateral and assets to promote your business. We’ve designed a variety of formats ranging from printed brochures, newsletters, online publications, train the trainer workbooks, and more.


“My name is Rachel and I recently opened a private children’s tutoring business, called ‘Tutoring With Rachel’ in Sacramento, California. I needed a logo as well as help with branding for my new business and I was at a complete loss of what to do or who to hire. Ashley and her team at Win Consulting were amazing. They helped me with everything from narrowing down my color scheme to creating the perfect logo that fit my vision. My ideas were kind of all over the place and they helped make it look both professional and cute. The final design 100% matched both the personality of my business and of me as an individual.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Win Consulting to any new business!”

Rachel Uffer

Owner, Tutoring With Rachel

Logo Design & Branding Guide

“Hello, I’m Amber Hoover, proud owner of Bend Village Merchant, a brick-and-mortar consignment store located in the heart of Bend, Oregon. When I embarked on this exciting journey and secured a lease for my physical space, I realized I needed more than just a location—I needed a brand identity. That’s when I turned to Win Consulting, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions for my business.

From the moment I engaged Win Consulting, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. I was faced with the challenge of creating a professional logo and establishing a brand direction and their team jumped right in on this collaborative journey with me. Their creativity and dedication manifested in 10+ logo options, each a testament to their commitment to capturing my vision. Throughout the process, they listened closely, provided invaluable insights, and the result was a professional logo that truly resonates with my brand.

Win Consulting’ team of content experts crafted engaging content for Bend Village Merchant’s landing page, seamlessly integrating it with my new brand and color palette. The team’s responsiveness and attention to detail were apparent in every step, ensuring that timelines were met and, most importantly, my expectations were not just met but exceeded.

A pivotal highlight occurred when Win Consulting designed outdoor and window signage for me to kickstart my advertising efforts even before the grand opening. Ashley and her marketing team demonstrated professionalism and dedication, making the entire process a stress-free experience. Win Consulting is a fantastic digital marketing agency and I highly recommend their “winning” team!”

Amber Hoover

Owner, Bend Village Merchant

Kendra Jablonski

Senior Loan Officer at Spire Financial 

“I loved working with Win Consulting on my logo design. Design work is well outside of my capabilities and they masterfully took my loose ideas on style, mood, and application to create something I love across a wide range of mediums. I got to see multiple options and proofs, give my own insight, and finally decide on something that felt true to my style and emblematic of my business. I highly recommend Win Consulting and her marketing  team!”