Meet our online marketing team

Putting together a team of experts can be a hit and miss game that most of my clients would rather avoid.

No need to stay up until midnight staring blankly at a screen filled with unknown freelancers who may or may not be able to deliver (that is if you even know where to look in the first place).

That’s why I’ve taken the time, searching high and low, to put together the top professionals you’ll need in every necessary field, to ensure the success of any endeavor you undertake with us.

The rockstar professionals on my team are experts with a combined 45 years of experience. I promise, you’ll love working with them.

All that’s left for you to do is to do what you do best and bring your gifts to the world.

Ashley Winby


Ashley Winby is the Founder of Win Consulting, self made entrepreneur, Golden Retriever lover, and who has a healthy dose of woo. After completing a degree in Sociology, she began her career working in small startups to large Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, such as Technology, Risk Management, and E-Commerce. Over the years working in Silicon Valley, she grew to be a successful Project & Program Manager and throughout that journey, she learned that supporting leaders be successful was what inspired her. That is when Win Consulting was born. Supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners create successful online businesses is what drives her. Her mission is to support her clients and give them the tools, direction, resources and clarity that’s needed to create a successful online business. Ashley specializes in strategic digital marketing, lead generation, program/project management, business development strategies, operational management, affiliate marketing and launching e-learning online courses, trainings and workshops.

Katrina Mashak

Infusionsoft Expert

Katrina was employed at Infusionsoft, a powerful CRM program that tracks leads/contacts, manages complex email marketing campaigns, automates customer communications and takes payments online. During her 6 years of employment, she held various roles implementing email campaigns with existing customers as well as direct sales, selling the program to new customers. Her deep knowledge of every functionality within Infusionsoft, makes her a valuable asset to Win Consulting and the clients she serves. Katrina strives to simplify processes and build automated marketing campaigns that increase leads and revenue. She is a powerhouse troubleshooter and detective and will always find solutions to why something isn’t working perfectly.

Kimberly Cooper

Web Developer, Systems Automator, Quiz Builder

Kimberly loves technology and started playing at 3-years-old with a Commodore64 (that’s a really old computer).  She worked internally as a web developer and graphic designer for 16 years before heading out on her own.  She’s not only an expert in creating beautifully branded web and sales pages, but she can build quizzes and other lead-generating magnets that helps increase your mailing lists and sales. Kimberly’s sweet spot is also helping to automate email marketing campaigns and operational processes.

Katie Owen


Katie captures the voices of her clients and uses them to move audiences effortlessly from consideration, to connection, to customer. Her writing resonates with the truth and longing we all yearn to resolve, and she skillfully presents the perfect remedy. Her previous career as a therapist gives her a unique level of insight into the human psyche that intensifies the effectiveness of her work. She understands what motivates and moves us. This is the secret weapon many have hired her for.

Bruce Kreutzer

Social Media Advertising Manager - Social Media Marketing Wizard, Data & Analytics Pro

Bruce began his digital marketing career in the social media management space of Triarc, before moving into account management, and ultimately seeing the need for a comprehensive advertising approach for small to medium-sized businesses. With this pain point in sight, Bruce has worked to become fluent in over 12 advertising platforms to assist our clients exceed their marketing goals. Bruce focuses on proven marketing advertising strategies that branch across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads for our clients.


Estelle Williams

Web Designer, Tech Troubleshooter

With a 24 year background encompassing I.T. Services, Technical Consulting, Product Management and Website Design, Estelle now specializes in assisting small business owners to launch their web presence without breaking the bank, while ensuring that their website is always maintained to remain as beautifully functional as the day it was launched. She loves to help her clients focus on growing their business, by delivering them websites that they love, and taking on and solving the tech headaches that are inevitable in our digitally distributed world.

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